Cash management solutions

For more than 20 years CPR Asset Management has offered cash management solutions that focus on liquidity and thorough risk control.
CPR AM offers a broad line of cash management solutions, with investment horizons ranging from a few days to two years.
Our managers invest in short-dated bonds from carefully selected issuers, certificates of deposit (issued by banks) and commercial paper (issued by companies).


Cash management funds are managed by CPR AM’s Fixed Income & Credit team, which consists of specialised managers (with an average of 15 years of experience) and credit analysts covering all sectors (and having 12 years of experience on average);
CPR AM’s money-market investment management has a solid track record and makes it one of the largest companies in terms of cash management AuM.

Cash management at CPR AM in 3 key points

A full range OF SOLUTIONS FOR DIFFERENT investor objectives

More than one third of assets managed by CPR AM are in money-market and short term funds. These are split into three distinct categories that are based on investor needs:


Short-term money-market

Priority to optimising liquidity, the quality of securities, and strict monitoring of risks


Money market

Get surplus returns while retaining a high degree of liquidity in a tightly controlled risk framework


Short-term bond

Go beyond money-market funds for additional drivers of performance. An original approach: effective management of sensitivity, duration, liquidity and opportunities for diversification


Securities are selected in compliance with money-market regulatory restrictions, as well as extremely strict internal risk monitoring rules on liquidity, ratings, maturities and other factors.

  • Liquidity risk management, as subscription and redemption flows may be heavy in money-market funds.
  • Interest-rate risk management with degrees of hedging varying from fund to fund.
  • Credit risk management with a risk-taking varying with market phases that have been identified.
  • Management of specific risks in tandem with an experienced credit research team that analyses issuers and sectors and gives the managers recommendations.

Cash management offers no performance guarantee and incurs a risk of loss of principal. The main risks incurred by bond and money-market instruments are interest-rate, credit and exchange rate risks. Refer to the fund’s legal documentation for detailed information on its risk profile.

Past performances are not a reliable indicator of future performances of the funds and of the funds manager.